Saturday, 4 February 2012


Saturdays - A day to sit back, a way to relax... Saturdays are like delicious desserts, they are enjoyable, you can have them however you want, but the are over so quickly, you want them to last forever... 

I don't have a 'usual' Saturday routine... though a lot of my Saturdays do involve lounging around doing nothing, today, for example, I lounged around and did nothing. Many people say lie ins and pyjama days are a waste of time and I get what they mean. But I see it in a different way - if I enjoy doing nothing, nothing is what I shall do. I was really shocked at first when I heard that on average, we spend a third of our lives sleeping. But then I thought, you'd be dead if you didn't spend at least a third of your life sleeping. Don't get me wrong though, I would love to do more exciting things and see the world a bit more. Actually, my dream holiday would involve a few months off to explore Europe. But for now, sitting on the sofa is as enjoyable as a tour of the Alhambra :)

Where was I? Oh yeah! Saturdays! Do you want to hear my ideal Saturday? Well, this is how it would plan out: I would wake up at eleven O'clock. I will have had 12 hours of blissful shut eye the night before. My family would be in a good mood and my older sister would serve me a hot mocha in bed (now that's ambitious of me!). The mocha would be hot, but not scolding. The taste would be sweet, but not sickly. And the flavours would dance upon my tongue, putting me in a fresh mood to start the day. I would go downstairs to enjoy a nutritious fruit salad including sweet strawberries, glorious grapefruit, mouth watering water melon and summer berries (did I mention this would be the First Saturday of June?) After finishing a creamy vanilla yoghurt I would delightedly hop upstairs again and run a hot bubble bath. I would sprinkle lavender scented bath petals onto the coat of snow-like bubbles. The water would be hot, but not scolding, the aroma of lavender would be sweet, but not sickly and the relaxation would be indescribable... Well, I'll have a go - Think of heaven, then times that by a billion. Yes, that is my idea of a relaxing bath.

After brushing my teeth and blow-drying my hair into effortless waves, (this is an imaginary day, remember? I can fantasize all I want. Even about the impossible - effortless wavy locks) I would put on my favourite summer dress - a beautiful white halter-neck with a silky ribbon belt. I would team my dream dress with brown wedge heels and accompany them with a brown handbag - perfect. Fed, washed and dressed, I am ready to start my day. Where to go? Up to town, I think. I would invite my friends to come with me and we would stroll along the streets, enjoying the warm weather.

Lunch in the café would be a lovely break from walking around for hours. Dropping my shopping bags beside my seat, I would take a look at the menu. Ham and cheese panini? Without onion. And to drink... a strawberry milkshake. After a long day in town. I would come home to watch a rented film and for dinner I would indulge in a few slices of ham pineapple pizza and a coke. At about 11 O'clock I would decide to go to bed. I would slide under the soft clean duvet and savour the blissful moment. Thinking of another lie in and Sunday to come, I would calmly drift off into the world of sleep.

Well, that's my idea of a perfect Saturday anyway. What's your's? Comment below! :) Please join my blog. It would really be great if you did. I'll take a look at your own too, if you leave me the link. Thanks!

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