Saturday, 4 February 2012


Hi, this blog is called Snowflakes and Milkshakes. It's a blog about stuff... Stuff I like to talk about and interesting stuff.
Today (Saturday) I woke at half past ten. I tiredly walked downstairs and poured myself a bowl of cereal. I watched TV for a bit and read some of my book (Hullabaloo in the guava orchard). 2 hours passed and I decided to get myself a drink (I'm so interesting). Anyway, I realised that it must have been snowing for a while because when I looked outside I could see a clean white sheet of snow settling on the ground and feather like snowflakes floating to the floor. I usually go for a walk to the bay on the weekend, but the crisp cold air outside  put me off today. I can just see it now - my foot crunching onto the frosted ground, my insides freezing as I inhale -5 degrees air (OK not -5. Technically it would not be snowing if it was below freezing, but you know what I mean). No thanks, I thought, I would rather have a pyjama day and lounge around in the comfort and safety of a warm house. Yes, that's more like it - soft bed socks on, warm blanket on my lap, peace and quiet. So that's what I did. Once I had settled down I thought, What to do when you are inside on a cold day? And then I thought about making a blog. And I did just that.

It's hard to think of a name though, isn't it? You want to think of something clever and witty but you just can't. Well, I looked outside for inspiration and of course all I could see was snow. So that explains the first half of my blog name.

Well, I think now is a good time to tell you that the things I most adore in life are strawberry milkshakes. Why? Because they are sweet, creamy, a treat, dreamy, thirst quenching, glass drenching, mouth watering, no faltering, show stopping, jaw dropping, a delicious delight, a nutritious invite. I could go on forever... And so that explains the second half of my blog name. Snowflakes and Milkshakes. Ah, and it just so happens that they rhyme. Convenient, isn't it?

Well, now you know a bit about my blog. I hope you come back to read it again. I will try to write some more interesting things. Hmm this space looks a bit empty. I think it needs a picture...

There we go! :)

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